04 November 2012

November Currently

What a difference a month makes! Baby E has grown from a tiny 4 pounds to more than 6 pounds! Even though she has gotten bigger, she is still the tiniest little thing! Although I love being at home with her, I miss teaching even more than I thought I would. I probably drive my sub crazy with all the emails, texts, and phone calls. My sub is amazing, and she handles my quirks and those of my students very well.

It's hard letting go of the reins in my district since we are pay-for-performance and at the end of the day-I am held accountable for their performance whether I am there or not. They did not do as well as I had hoped on their first assessment set, and I can't help but feel like my sudden departure 6 weeks earlier than planned had a great deal to do with it. I'll report back 3 days before Christmas Break, which is a week after their second set of assessments. We'll be hitting the books hard after Christmas!

In the meantime, I'm going to try to update my blog more often than once a month starting today! I'm linking up after my unexpected hiatus with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for this month's Currently. Go on over and see what it's all about!