Monday Made It-June 26, 2017

Happy Monday, friends! I am so excited today because I am hosting Monday Made It over at Fourth Grade Frolics! Head over there now to see some of the fun things I whipped up this past week! And...once you're there, make sure and check out some of the other fantastic bloggers who linked up.

Have an amazing week!

Monday Made It!

Happy Monday! I am linking up again with Tara from Fourth Grade Frolics for her summer Monday Made-It! I've been wrapping up a grad class, so my "made-its" are pretty thin this week, but I do have some fun things planned for next week, so make sure an check back! But for now, see some of the fun ideas below, and then head over to Tara's blog by clicking HERE to check our some other great Monday Made-Its!

Content Folders: I found these 7-pocket flexi-folders at Walmart on clearance for $2.97 each. They were regular $6.99. I used one this year to hold my daily sprints, application problems, and exit tickets for my Eureka Math program. I absolutely loved it because I could just reach in a pocket and grab out everything I needed for that day. There was no searching through stacks. Everything was in one place for easy access. Then I would just put the folder in my drawer with my teacher guide.

So...when I found them on clearance, I thought I would buy a couple more to use for my CKLA literacy material. Of course...I couldn't just let them sit there all undecorated! So, I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to cut the vinyl to label each folder for a specific content area. I can't remember exactly what the fonts are, but the thick one is definitely A Perfect Blend Teaching fonts, and the thin one is either Cara Carroll or Amy Groesbeck. (Hmmm...I should really do a better job of writing down the font names when I create the cut file!)

 Hall Passes: Last year, I found these adorable rubber emoji luggage tags on clearance at Walmart for .50 each. I bought several of them because I thought they would make great hall passes. Mine have a tendency of just getting, well...gross. Since these were rubber, I knew they would be easy to clean! I put the little pincher clip on, and they were perfect! However, I was obviously in a rush to use them because all I did was flip over the address card to the blank backside and write my name in Sharpie. There was a little sheet of plastic covering the card, but they were just starting to look gross.

So...using the same PB fonts, I whipped up these new inserts for my passes. I printed them on cardstock and laminated them for durability. They look so much better and are ready for my new batch of second graders!

Doormat (in progress): If there was a "almost" made-it button, I would be using it for this project! I found this rug at IKEA for $9.99, and I have big plans for it that involve my Silhouette Cameo 3, craft paper, sticky spray, and spray paint.'ll have to come back next week to see the finished product! I hope it comes out as great as I'm envisioning it in my mind!

New Brand Design: Okay-so obviously I didn't "make" this myself. But...I did finally make the decision to redesign my brand and blog. I'm working with Becca from Jumping Jax Designs, and I am SOOOOOO EXCITED! Here is a sneak peak at my new logo.

Isn't it amazing??? I just cannot stop looking at it! I cannot wait to see everything when it is all complete. It is crazy how you give someone the most vague ideas of what you want, and they can turn it into exactly what you want! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Monday Made It!

If there is anything I really love about summer, it is Monday Made It with Tara from Fourth Grade Frolics! I love the ideas I get from other teachers for my classroom, and I love being able to share my ideas and creations with others. You can always head over to Tara's blog and link up, or follow the links at the bottom to see some fantastic ideas! Just click HERE to head there now!

And without further is my first Monday Made It of the summer!

Teacher Toolbox Labels: Okay, they're not exactly finished, but I made new labels for my teacher toolbox. All I need to do is print them out and laminate them. I am a fan of putting the labels on the outside of the drawers because they have a weird bump on the inside. I'm also contemplating spray painting the frame, but...I want to see how it looks with the new labels first. Stay tuned for an updated picture once I'm done!

Oh! And if you've ever wanted to created your own labels, I do have a tutorial video that you can watch HERE. They are so easy to make, I promise!

Fluffy Slime: This was so much fun to make with my 4 year old. We used a mashup of different internet recipes, which means we basically used the ingredients we had on hand at home. It was really easy, and Emmy played with it for hours! When she was done, we stored it in a gallon-sized Ziplock bag. It did "deflate" a bit, but she is still playing with it!


Wooden Sign: I made this for our school counselor. She has been doing a lot of work with Restorative Justice, and a main component within it is to "repair the harm, restore the relationship." I thought this would be a fun addition to her office! The wooden sign was from Kirklands. I bought 2 of them over 2 years ago for dirt cheap on clearance, like $5, thinking they would make great signs one day! I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to cut the letters. The large font is AG That's A No From Me, but I can't remember what the small font was, and since I welded it in my software, I can't figure it out. Sorry! I just love it!

T-Shirt: I was asked by one of Em's teachers to create a last-minute shirt for a dance recital after one of the little girl's arrived messed up. I'm still trying to make sense of the saying, turned out pretty cute! I also loved that I was able to save the day for someone!

Troll Day!

Happy beginning of Summer Break (to most of my friends)! This school year just flew by! And while I will take a break any day of the week, I will admit that I wasn't tired of teaching...yet! We have a great schedule at my school that includes 2 week breaks at the end of quarters 1-3. Not to mention the snow days and random holidays. So just when you're needing a get it! I actually think it makes me a better teacher because I'm refreshed and ready to go again for another 9 weeks!

But, anyways...

For our last week, we pretty much stuck to our curriculum. But for one day, we had permission to watch the movie, Trolls! So...we decided to make the entire day Trolls Day! 

Now-don't think for a second that we just plopped our kiddos in front of a TV for a movie! We had some fun activities that aligned with some concepts we had been teaching or reviewing to go along with the movie. Check them out below!

1. Push and Pull Factors

We just recently finished our CKLA Domain study on immigration, and we talked a lot about push and pull factors. So, after the Trolls leave the Troll Tree, we had the kids work with buddies to discuss why they left and why they picked their new home.

How awesome was this sweetie's answer for Pull Factors...the "sweet lackustis!" That would be...the sweet acoustics! She was obviously a great listener! You can download a copy of the activity HERE.

2. Build a Bergen Watchtower

The kids were super pumped about this particular project. It was created more as a team project, but it was very STEM in nature. The kids were given about 100 popsicle sticks, 3 cans of Playdoh, an index card, and 4 little people counters to use as their "trolls." Basically, they had to build a structure that would hold their Trolls on an index card for at least 30 seconds. Easy, right?


I wish I could post the pictures of their faces as their elaborate structures collapsed time and time again. I will say that I was very proud of how they persevered, even when met with failure time and time again. A few of the groups did manage to get a structure going, and one group managed to get up to 8 inches. It wasn't anything like what I thought they would build, but it worked!

Here was another attempt. They did get their index card and Trolls on top, but the other structure was about an inch taller.

Overall, they had a lot of fun. They did fill out a response sheet on their structure that included their strategy and a drawing of the structure. You can download a copy of this activity HERE.

3. Hair Up!

This was the activity they were the most excited about. Basically, each kid was given a half a yard of colored tulle, a headband, scissors, ruler, and a ribbon. They had to measure and cut 18 pieces of tulle that were two-inches wide to tie onto the headband. 

They weren't perfectly measured, but they sure were cute. It was a fun activity that incorporated measuring, cutting, and tying, so I won't complain!

You can download a free copy of the activity HERE.

4. Mystery Message

I have never seen my kids solve math problems as quick and correct as they did on this activity. They were dying to figure out what the message was. I really liked how it was self-correcting. If their answer was not at the bottom, then they knew they needed to try again. You can download a free copy for your class HERE.

Overall, it was a really fun day. We do special activities and projects all the time, so the kids are pretty used to it, and there were only minor behavior issues. never gets old to surprise them with some fun learning opportunities! We will definitely be doing it again next year!

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas!

I'll admit it...I love Teacher Appreciation Week! Not only do I appreciate being spoiled my school and students, I also love blessing those teachers I work with and those who work with my own kids. 

I also know that-as a teacher and a mom-I don't have a lot of time (or money for that matter!) to make fancy gifts, so I came up with some fun, easy, and inexpensive gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Here are some easy ideas...along with some free editable downloads so you can use them for your favorite teacher.

Sweet Tea: I just added this one today (04.29.17), and it might be one of my favorites! I picked up some Gold Peak Sweet Tea and made these fun tags. You can download a free editable copy HERE.

Hershey Kisses: Here is another new idea! I actually made the tag specifically for my niece's teacher because she loves chocolate, but it was so cute that I used it for Em's teachers, too! I used some small jars I had bought last year in the Target Dollar Spot for $1, added in some Hershey Kisses, and made this fun tag to go along with it. I just love it! You can download an free editable copy of the tag HERE.

Donut Anything: I found these adorable magnet bookmarks at Barnes & Noble, and I knew they would make great gifts for my teammates. I made this fun tag to go along with them. You can download a free editable copy HERE. I also made a "teacher" version, if you want to use it for your favorite teacher, too! You can download the free editable copy for that one HERE.

Mentos: This idea was courtesy of The Detailed Oriented Diva. I found the image on her blog, then I added it to PowerPoint so I could add my daughter's name. Check it out on her site HERE. Too easy!

Lip Balm: This was another fun one! I picked up the lip balm at Walmart for about $3 each, then I made the tag on PowerPoint. You can download an editable copy HERE.

Extra Gum: Not only did I give these to Em's teachers, they were so inexpensive that I also gave them to our specials' teachers and other specialists that service my kiddos. Download the editable template HERE.

Simply Orange Juice: This was a fun morning treat! I made the tags in PowerPoint, and then I imported the images to my Silhouette Cameo software to cut out. It was so easy! Download and editable PPT template HERE.

Notebook: I found these cute notebooks at Walmart for $3 each. I personalized them with vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo and then paired them with a fun pen and this cute note. I think this might have been my favorite gift! You can download the tag HERE.

Hopefully one of these simple gifts sparks an idea for you. Have fun spoiling your favorite teachers!