20 January 2018

More Fun Valentines for Students!

Happy Saturday, friends! I am completely procrastinating on some other work I need to finish up, but it seemed like a great time to wrap up Em's valentines for her class. She picked out a box of Descendants valentines, but I always like to make a fun, small valentine for her to give her friends, too.

Emoji: This is the valentine I made last year, and Em just loved it! In fact, when she saw me pull it up, she asked for this to be her valentine again. Hey...what can a busy mom say? Of course! We found the glasses at Target in a package of 16 for $3. I wasn't too crazy about the colors of the sunglasses, but Em didn't mind. I attached the sunglasses using a little glue dot in the center. You can download a free copy of the template HERE. Since it's in Powerpoint, you can add a text box to personalize it, too!

Heart: This was the version I made 2 years ago, and it's still pretty cute, in my opinion! I printed out a few for Em to give to her neighborhood friends. You can down a free copy of this template HERE. Like the emoji one, you can add a text box in Powerpoint to personalize it. Love it!

Pizza: You can check a post back by clicking HERE to see these adorable pizza valentines I will be reusing this year, since I was lucky enough to fund the erasers again this year!

Okay, okay...I need to do the REAL work now, so I hope you all have a great weekend!

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