29 December 2017

Easy Valentine's Gift for Students

I know, I know...it's still December. But, in my defense, I have to get things done when I get time, and the time is now. I go back to school on January 2nd, and my master's program picks back up on January 4th, so there is no time like now get ahead wherever I can.

And that means...on to Valentine's Day!

I made these fun valentines for my class year, and I was able to find the exact same pizza slice erasers in the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks ago. So...why redo what was already super cute??? I will probably attach the erasers using glue dots like I did last year.

You can grab a copy of the tag HERE. It is an editable Powerpoint, so you can add a text box for your name if you like.

Here's to a new year of getting things done and not procrastinating!

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