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02 May 2015

Currently May

I always tell myself that I am going to better with this whole blog thing. Sigh.

I will get better at this!!!

In the meantime, here's this month's Currently. You can link up with Farley to join in!

Listening: I love that my daughter loves the Disney movies that I grew up with. And-I know most of the songs by heart, which she loves!

Loving: My friend/teammate and I are headed to Atlanta to visit The Ron Clark Academy this week. We are so giddy with excitement. I need inspiration, and I hope to find it here! My mother-in-law lives nearby, so I get to sneak in a visit with her, also. 

Thinking: I want to have my room cleared out by our last workday. The past few weeks I've taken a tote in with me and started packing things I haven't been using or know I won't use the these last 3 weeks. The only problem is I have to find a place at home to put it until I move into my new school. It's a good problem to have, but one that must be solved!

Wanting: Since I'm moving to a new school and changing grade levels, I think I want all new room decor. I love what I've had this year, which were more mute colors, but I really think I'm primary colored at heart.

Needing: I really need to just finish out my lesson plans for the year. I will be so happy I did.

Summer: I told the hubby that the garage is officially a dump, and I am OVER it! It will be purged my first week out of school while the girl is still in daycare. I don't care if I have to bring in one of those huge dumpster things in my driveway. What's the point of a 3 car garage if you can't get the cars in it???

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to Canton when we're in Texas. Our visits haven't really lined up with the dates though, so I always miss out. I'm trying to be very strategic on when we go this summer, so I can get there!

Last summer, I thought teaching summer school would be fun and a great way to earn extra money. I was WRONG. I was exhausted from the school year, even more exhausted when it was over, and then only had 4 weeks before starting all over again. It felt like I didn't even have a summer. My dream this summer is to just RELAX. (I'm really just naturally high-strung, so relaxing is a hard thing for me to do.)

Here's to 14 more days!!!


  1. Moving school is always hard and taking home the many things we accumulate makes a mess in our homes. I have lost count of how many times I have done this - in 30 years I have moved classrooms every year except one. I have moved schools about 8 times.Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. Hi there! Loved your currently post. How exciting for you that you're starting a new adventure next year. I can imagine that you're feeling a little stressed, but I say go for the buying of some new decorations for your new classroom. Have you picked out a theme? Good luck to you and have a relaxed summer!!! :)
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  3. I'm so envious of your upcoming trip to the Ron Clark Academy! Have you checked out the classroom decor themes at School Girl Style? She has a couple of super cute primary colored one.
    I nominated your blog for an award. You can find the details here: