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22 May 2015

Five for Friday...A Linky Party!

What.a.week!!! The last week of school can be CRAZY...and this year was a doozy. Field Day was rescheduled because of bad weather, but it seems the bad weather never went away, so we went with an indoor field day. I'm really glad our PE teacher pushed through and that the kids were able to have fun, but between having it the last week of school, plus an awards' assembly, plus finishing DRA testing, and random students in and out on the last day going to sibling/cousin was like taking a ride on the Hot Mess Express. 

But finally ended on Thursday, and I spent today packing up the rest of my classroom to move home while I wait to move into my new school!!! Eeeeeeekkk!!! I'm so excited!!! 

That's it for my on to Five for Friday! You can link up by clinking on the picture below.

I checked out all of these Mo Willems books from our city library in anticipation of our author study, but May just FLEW by. Nonetheless, the kids really enjoyed reading them. I really love being able to get so many books from the library that I can add to my personal collection. Checking them back in is a whole different story. 

This was another great activity we got from Kim Bearden during our visit to the Ron Clark Academy. Basically, it's a football field made from masking tape. The kids are split into 2 teams, but I also gave them partners to work with. I would ask a science review question, and then they would discuss what they thought the answer was and write it on their whiteboard. I would have them reveal their answers, and if they were correct, they got to roll a die. They got to move however many yard lines based on the number on the die. They scored points for their teams when they would get to the other sides of the field and made a "touchdown". Then they would go back the opposite direction. The kids LOVED IT. I will definitely be using it next year!

I loved the parachute when I was growing up. It's the one field day activity that I'm always really excited about!!! Plus we did it in the lunchroom, so that made it extra fun for the kids.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but this was the amazing gift basket I received from the staff at my school as a going away gift. It was full of Hershey bars, Dr. Peppers, gift cards, a grade book, a journal, and a pretty cool Wonder Woman hand towel, among other sweet gifts. 

 From here...

 To here...

And, finally, via 2 trips in the hubby's truck and 3 in my SUV, to here! The space formerly known as our dining room. For a while.

At least, that's what I told the husband.

Here's to summer!!!

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