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17 June 2015

What's Your Summertime Guilty Pleasure?

Happy Summer! I finally feel like I have settled into summer. After spending time reorganizing and cleaning out my house and garage after months of neglect, I think I can begin to enjoy this time of year. So, I thought I would link up with Nichole over at The Craft of Teaching and Sara at Mrs. V's Busy Bees for their Summertime Guilty Pleasure Linky Party. You can join in by clicking on the picture below!

My #1 Guilty Pleasure has to be...

Seriously...I watch it when I'm on the treadmill, elliptical, straightening my hair, working on my blog, making dinner. It's usually cycling through Gilmore Girls or Switched at Birth, but I've been known to spend an hour and a half blow drying and straightening my hair just so I can watch a full length movie. 

My #2 Guilty Pleasure is...

Come on...I have to catch up on who died, came back to life, got married, got divorced, had kids, had kids that aged 15 years overnight, built a business, lost the business, found out they're related, found out they're not related so now they can get married, was switched with a look-a-like...and so on. It's time consuming to keep up with it all during the year. 

My #3 Guilty Pleasure is...

Crafting! I love to make things. Usually you'll find me vinyling something in the house or making fun shirts for my little girl. I also love to sew and (machine) embroider. But, sometimes I get extra crafty, like I did with this collage of E's artwork from preschool. It hangs in my office with collages from both of her brothers when they were her age.

Honorable mention: Staying in my pjs all day and not setting an alarm! far my FAVORITE Guilty Pleasure has to be...

Spending all my time with this sweet girl! She's my baby, and she's growing up so fast. My boys are in middle and high school, and I know I will blink, and she will be there, too! So, I'm holding on tight to this sweet girl all summer! I can't say I feel guilty about it...but it sure is a pleasure to be with her everyday!

Hope you enjoy all your guilty pleasure this summer!


  1. Netflix is the best!! I love that I can watch a whole show in mere hours...ahhhh, summer!!! Your daughter is so cute...I hope you enjoy your time off with her! Thanks for linking up!

    The Craft of Teaching