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10 July 2015

Five for Friday: July 10th

Agh! My summer is rapidly coming to a close, and I'm trying to cram in as much fun as I can before I go back on JULY 24TH!!! It seems like it gets earlier and earlier each year. But this year is especially different for me because I'm starting at a new school! I'm so excited to start that I actually can't wait to go back. Crazy, right???

But before I get ahead of myself, let's see what I've been up to this week! I've linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly Five for Friday. Click on the button below to join in!

I've been reusing as many of my old decorations and supplies as possible. I've had these dish pans since I started teaching, and they were going to have the same use of holding my seasonal books, but I wanted to update them. Did you know that you could take permanent marker off using Expos? Someone had once told me you could do it to get Sharpie marks off of desks, so I tried on these buckets. It wiped right off! I'll have to show you the updated buckets later!

It's time again for Blog Hoppin's 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt. I have been on the prowl for anything I consider "easy" to make sure I get as close as I can to the 90 point total before I have to really dig in. I especially love how my family notices things I'm looking for, too! Never heard of it??? You can find out more by clicking on the button below.

Blog Hoppin

I found this amazing canvas at TJ Maxx, and I immediately fell in love with it. I knew it would look great in the upstairs landing where we keep all of E's toys. It would be a great anchor decoration, right? Except after about a week, I kept looking at it thinking something was wrong. Yup..."turns" is spelled wrong! #ughhhhhh

I'm taking part in the TpT Seller Challenge, and the last challenge was for us to make our masterpiece. Well...this is it! You can read all about it and win a free copy for you and a friend by clicking HERE.

I saved my favorite for last. This is my new teacher toolbox! I ordered the box off of Amazon, and I made the labels on our long drive to Kansas City. I am in love with it!!! I'm going to try to link up for Monday Made It and give a quick explanation of how I did it. It was super easy!

Well, that was it a nutshell for me. Hope you're having a great summer!


  1. Your teacher toolbox looks awesome! Can't wait for your post about how you made it :). We go back at the start of August and I am trying to live up the last few weeks before jumping back into teacher mode. Have a great rest of your summer.
    Patterson In Primary