01 October 2017

Easy Student Halloween Gift!

Yes. I was one of those people stalking the Dollar Spot in August waiting for the fun Halloween stuff to come out.

I admit it.

But...it paid off because I found these fun and cheap sticky skeletons that my students are going to love!

I actually found them in the Halloween section just after they started putting stuff out. They were 8 for $1, so 4 packs would cover my class and leave a few extras for my daughter to play with. You cannot beat that!

Then, I made this fun tag to go along with the little sticky skeletons. Since the skeletons are sticky, they stuck to the paper with no problem. I did assemble about 4 of them before I decided it would be in my best interest to wait and stick them at school, lest the become a jumbled, sticky mess in my bag.

The stick font is FriNally by Amy Groesbeck and the script is Chunky Monkey by A Primary Kind of Life. The bones font is called Cartoon Bones, and I downloaded it from DaFont for free.

You can download a freebie copy of this fun gift for your students HERE!

Updated on October 28th to include...this fun spider gift! These are adorable spider erasers from Target. The fonts are both by A Perfect Blend Teaching. The thin font is PB Bean There Dunn That, and the webbed font is PB Morning Witch Brew.

The erasers were from the Halloween section at Target. They were in a package of 8 for only $1!

You can download a free copy of this tag HERE.

Happy Halloween!

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