01 October 2017

Easy Student Halloween Gift!

Yes. I was one of those people stalking the Dollar Spot in August waiting for the fun Halloween stuff to come out.

I admit it.

But...it paid off because I found these fun and cheap sticky skeletons that my students are going to love!

I actually found them in the Halloween section just after they started putting stuff out. They were 8 for $1, so 4 packs would cover my class and leave a few extras for my daughter to play with. You cannot beat that!

Then, I made this fun tag to go along with the little sticky skeletons. Since the skeletons are sticky, they stuck to the paper with no problem. I did assemble about 4 of them before I decided it would be in my best interest to wait and stick them at school, lest the become a jumbled, sticky mess in my bag.

The stick font is FriNally by Amy Groesbeck and the script is Chunky Monkey by A Primary Kind of Life. The bones font is called Cartoon Bones, and I downloaded it from DaFont for free.

You can download a freebie copy of this fun gift for your students HERE!

Happy October!

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