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01 October 2015

Currently October 2015

It's October! And you know what that means??? Fall Break is in one week!!! My kiddos have been in this district for the past 7 years, so they're used to these fabulous breaks, but I worked in a different district. But now that I teach in the same district that we live in, I get to enjoy these fabulous breaks as well! I will definitely enjoy the long time off.

But, in the meantime...I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her monthly Currently. You can head over to her blog and join int he fun. Just click on the picture below.

Listening: It's not the Atlanta Falcons, but I'll listen to or watch pretty much any football game. It's really the only sport I can handle. I think my husband likes that about me. ;)

Loving: I don't want to sound like a broken record, but...I'm loving that Fall Break is in one week!!!

Thinking: I have big plans for conferences. Too bad I haven't really started on them yet. And they start on Monday. Ugh! But...I did have the kids start some awesome forms I found on Jodi Southard's TpT store for FREE!!! Click on the picture below to go download them now!

Wanting: This week is a busy weekend. I really want to take E to the library's Harvest Festival on Saturday, but I'm also running a race in Denver (Hot Chocolate 5K!) early Sunday morning. So, it would be really nice to finish all my work for next week on Friday night so I can have the whole weekend free. We'll see...

Needing: E is obsessed with Jessie from Toy Story and wants to be her for Halloween. I've been procrastinating a bit on ordering it, thinking she would change her mind...but she's firm. Or at least as firm as a 3-year can be. I need to hop on that pretty soon!

Boo-tiful: Seriously. Colorado in the fall. 'Nuff said.

I hope you have a great start to your October...I'll see you soon for Five for Friday!


  1. I love fall break!! We're on ours now! We get three weeks after every quarter! I have no idea how I lived through a traditional calendar all those years! Good luck on your 5K! I'm working up to a 10K in March! Happy conferencing, as well! I've been a bit remiss in my parent-teacher conferencing. Maybe next quarter... :)

  2. I'm hearing more and more about teachers having a fall break soon. Sure wish my school had that because both my kiddos and I could use one!

  3. So jealous you have just 1 week left then you get 2 weeks off! We have 3 weeks to go then get just 1 week off - so sad :( Dressing up as Jessie from Toy Story sounds fab! We have a big Halloween party to go to this year and I am seriously struggling for costume ideas - so at least your little girl has her mind set on a costume :)

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